Dairy Marketing services, LLC (DMS) markets more than 50 percent of organic milk in the Northeast. Its goal is to deliver efficiency in services and enhanced returns from the market directly back to the producer at a minimal cost. DMS began handling organic milk several years ago, and currently offers members access to two premier organic markets – Horizon Organic Dairy and CROPP (Organic Valley).

DMS was established as a joint venture between Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. and Dairylea Cooperative Inc., the two largest milk-marketing cooperatives in the Northeast. DMS’s priority is to ensure that Northeast dairy producers have a superior market and return for their milk. DMS does this by combining the resources of marketing cooperatives and independent producers in the region.

Annually, DMS markets approximately 218 million pounds of organic milk produced by more than 304 organic farms across the Northeast. Besides marketing milk to organic customers, DMS also provides payroll services, lab testing and field services.

DMS has developed a vision for the organic industry; to enhance pay prices for organic producers now and in the future. The organization is also committed to creating a platform for organic dairy farms to voice their opinion at the local and national level.

Eagle Dairy Directsm provides easy access to farms looking to purchase supplies and organic feed.

DMS manages more than 70 field service representatives who provide assistance to farms to maintain high quality standards. Some of these representatives are part of the DMS Organic Team who have been specially trained to guide farms during the transition from conventional to organic dairy farming.

Conventional producers looking for information on converting to organic, or current organic producers looking for assistance marketing their milk can call Dave Eyster at 1-888-589-6455 ext. 5409 or e-mail him at david.eyster@dairymarketingservices.com.


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