Dairy Marketing Services (DMS)

DMS serves dairy farmers by working to streamline the milk marketing system, and serves processors by being better able to meet their needs.

DMS markets milk for a broad base of dairy farmers – including both independent producers and members of cooperatives. Individual producers and participating cooperatives which market their milk through DMS retain their own identities and benefits. Working with DMS enables these groups and individuals to realize cost-savings in the areas of field services, hauling and administration.

As part of its focus on efficiency, DMS looks closely at transportation and works with haulers to keep their costs down. For example, DMS offers a hauler purchase program that allows haulers to take advantage of group buying rates on tractors, tires, parts and more.

Additionally, DMS places great importance on management of its field service representatives as they work most closely with producers. Field representatives are provided with consistent training, access to up-to-date industry information and other valuable tools.

DMS’ major customers include Kraft Foods, Saputo, Sorrento Lactalis, Dean Foods, Leprino Foods, Great Lakes Cheese and HP Hood. In addition, DMS supplies many other fluid and manufacturing customers.

The Formation of DMS
This milk marketing organization was established in 1999, through an agreement between Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. and Dairylea Cooperative Inc., to ensure that Northeast dairy producers have a superior market and return for their milk. Since its inception, DMS has taken on milk marketing for nearly 1,300 independent producers and 15 regional/local cooperatives from across the Northeast.

Currently in the Northeast, DMS markets approximately 13.7 billion pounds of milk produced by more than 5,500 farms, and manages a hauling system of 165 contract milk haulers delivering more than 750 loads per day.


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